Randall Fiorentino

Mixing & Mastering Engineer



My experience in mastering has been a careful practice developed through my years of mixing recordings for artists and producers. With every song I ever mixed I would master it for practice. Once the practice turned into a craft I began providing the service to my clients and have received astonishing feedback on my skills. I only use the highest quality of equipment and conversion for mastering to ensure a product that will hold its ground against and even surpass many commercial releases.

What Does A Mastering Engineer Do?

As a mastering engineer my goal is to ensure that your art sounds just as you envisioned it on "speakers ranging from the tinniest little earbuds and laptop speakers right up to the multi-million dollar club systems. Mastering is about ensuring that will happen: the technical craft of mastering is just about applying knowledge to make sure the recording translates. The mastering engineer, as AudibleOddities' Shawn Hatfield explains, is applying an 'understanding of the science of sound and how best to achieve the highest range of playability on the widest array of systems.' You can make your recording as weird (and as weirdly) as you like; Mastering makes sure you can hear as much of that weirdness as possible on any available system" (Inside The Dark Art of Mastering by Peter Chambers).